Since 2009, AEPDX’s mission is to give visual and motion graphics effects artists in Portland a platform for communication, education, and collaboration. AEPDX is supported by Adobe, creators of After Effects and the Creative Cloud.

Jamal Qutub / User Group Manager

AEPDX Member since 2009 and manager since 2013. Been working in the digital realm for over 20 years creating, designing, and animating for just about everything.

jamalqutub.com / @nimpsy

Sophya Vidal / Group Co-Chair

Runs Artful Raven in PDX and created the Homebrew PDX Animation Showcase.

artfulraven.com / @artfulraven

Chris Tegethoff / Group Creator

Chris started this group way back in 2009, and although he is taking a step back from leadership duties, his presence will always be felt.


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